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Cube Features´╝Ü

Appears Like A User Accessing A Web Page

The CUBE only makes outbound network requests, checking periodically for programming and firmware updates.

Virus - And Malware - Proof

No apps other than CUBE firmware are executable in the unit.

Independent Firewall

The CUBE has its own firewall, providing an extra layer of protection within a client’s network.

End - To - End Protection

Automatic firmware updates are encrypted before transmission, and firmware isn’t stored on the CUBE itself but on encrypted storage cards uniquely locked specific CUBE units.

Ease Of Use Without Compromised Security

No local access or capability means no passwords are never required; on-site personnel have access only to the CUBE’s operating features – basic configuration and output volume.

Always PCI DSS Scan - Compliant

As industry-standard security protocols evolve, so does the CUBE firmware.

Fast And Efficient

The CUBE implements tasks only as needed, eliminating slowdowns caused by background processing.

Cube Technical Specifications:

  • Compact: 95mm x 95mm x 20mm, 277g
  • Minimum 8GB solid-state storage: over 200 hours of 64 kbps audio supports higher bitrate and stereo audio
  • Scalable storage: industry-standard SD
  • Low Power: 2.5W – 5W power consumption
  • International AC adaptor with pluggable prongs for USA/Canada, UK, EU, Australia and more
  • Powers from MiniB USB
  • 3 v2.0 USB ports
  • LAN 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, RJ-45
  • 2 line-out ports: 2 separate zones
  • 1 line-in / mic input port
  • Automatic firmware updates: network or USB
  • FCC / CE / RoHS certification
  • Connect a standard screen and keyboard to perform on-site diagnostics and/or setup. Diagnostics also available via text to speech
  • and mobile phone or tablet.

“On Hold Messaging” Custom Production includes script writing, licensed background music, professional voices and recording/engineering fees.

Any production package can be customized to suit your company’s needs. All packages are based on a 12-month commitment. Ask about our free update policy.

The basic “On Hold Messaging” ┬áincludes player, two custom productions and a holiday production.

Production Only Packages Available

Take Advantage of On Hold Messaging

7 out of 10 callers are placed “on hold.”

While customers are on hold…

Are they listening to your message?

On Hold Messaging, a better product… a better price.

Utilize your on-hold message to promote new products, service or special discounts, advertise events, make announcements, show holiday spirit.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

So much better than just playing the radio… very professional.

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Northcoast Productions never misses a beat. I would highly recommend their services.

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We get calls from all over the country… many are placed on hold and get to hear so much more about Sawmill.

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