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Many customers simply do not know “where to go” to find a person to record their needed voice work. Luckily, Northcoast Productions has a team of talented voice artists standing by and ready to help you with your on hold messaging and advertising needs. Whether your advertisement is intended for on- hold messaging, radio, TV or the Internet, let Northcoast Productions help you find the right voice talent to convey your message to consumers… for as little as a dollar a day!

If you are in need of a voice talent to help you with your voice work needs, please contact Doug at Northcoast Productions at (419)680-5486.

Take Advantage of On Hold Messaging

7 out of 10 callers are placed “on hold.”

While customers are on hold…

Are they listening to your message?

On Hold Messaging, a better product… a better price.

Utilize your on-hold message to promote new products, service or special discounts, advertise events, make announcements, show holiday spirit.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

So much better than just playing the radio… very professional.

Pierre's Digital Print Center

Northcoast Productions never misses a beat. I would highly recommend their services.

Milano's Atlantic City Submarines

We get calls from all over the country… many are placed on hold and get to hear so much more about Sawmill.

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